How do you know if your online dating is real?

The 8 Ways to Spot Fake Online Profiles Powerful words from fake online profiles. They are too bold or flirtatious. The next best tool you can use to check if an online date is real or not is Google. Take some of the information they have given you and start looking around to see if you can validate any of them.

Do you claim to have your own business? Search Google and see if it exists and if they appear anywhere in it. Do you claim to have a particular job? The same, go to the Googles. Wait a moment and try again. The only reason they work is because they seem legitimate.

But according to DatingScout, you can often tell what's real from what's not by looking at the photos. If the profile only has one or two images, consider it a red flag. And the same is true if the photo is one with a white background, since that could indicate that it is a stock image extracted from the Internet, and not actually from them. They're not going to date because of an ego boost, they're not on dates when they shouldn't, and they're not trying to scam you.

Chances are you've landed on one or two fake dating profiles over the course of your online dating career. They're the gold dust of dating — they're the ones whose profiles everyone goes to, who everyone wants to go on dates with and who really shines when you meet them. Because genuine people have no other reason when dating online than to meet fantastic people that they can connect with, they are genuinely interested in knowing a lot about you on your date. As long as you take some proactive steps to protect yourself and work hard to validate and verify your dating matches, you should have a much better, safe, and productive online dating experience.

If your date is planning to go on a trip next year or if you are going through a divorce, for example, you can expect a genuine person to be sincere within the first couple of dates. Navigating the choppy waters of online dating can be quite tricky without finding out that the person you're dating doesn't really exist.